Denis Island Seychelles

Denis Island
Denis, an island in the grand tradition of Hemingway
and his tale of “The Old Man and The Sea”

Denis Island Image

Denis Island Image

Denis Island, situated right on the edge of the Seychelles Bank and located 50 miles north, north-east of Mahe and 10 miles east of Bird Island, is a privately owned coral atoll with a small air strip.  Flight time from Mahe is about 20 minutes.  The island is encircled by brilliantly white beaches.  There is a small village of about fifteen houses and the islands permanent inhabitants number about fifty.  A lighthouse built in 1910, the only ecumenical chapel in the islands, and what used to be a prison are prominent features on the island. An area known as Caves on the south side of the island is a mecca for divers where one can see massive live coral formations.  Activities on or around Denis include deep-sea fishing, diving, sailing, wind surfing and tennis.  Denis is a veritable paradise for lovers of the open sea and sports fishermen in search of the big ones.  May to December are the best months for catching marlin.  Tuna, bonito, barracuda, sailfish, and other varieties of fish are in abundance any time of year.  No day trips are allowed.  To visit the island, a minimum three day stay is required at the islands only and most comfortable hotel

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