Fishing in Bahrain

Fishing and fish traps

There are two types of fish traps used in Bahrain. One is called “jarjur” which is made of wire and is shaped like a light weight cage. This is then filled with ground bait and lowered in the sea to entice the fish through a narrow funnel.

The second type is called “hadhra” and is made of wood and palm reeds in the shape of a giant arrow-head when viewed aerially. Their function is to exploit the movement of the fish with the tide. During high tide the fish move to the shores looking for food, and during the low tide they rush back towards the sea. It is during this movement back into the deep waters that the fish get trapped between the two arms of the “hadhra” and forced to move in one direction into the trap. The design and construction of these traps vary according to the species of fish which is caught, as different species of fish have different swimming habits.

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