Green Travel Tips Guide

Traveling actually increases a person’s carbon footprint (over that of someone who never strays from home). However, it’s the people who travel that generally have a higher awareness of the need to reduce their carbon footprint, taking care to preserve the environment. If you are one of those in Read More

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Wine Tasting Central Coast

Wine tasting and serving fine wines is a favorite past time for the tourist and residents to the Central Coast. Our wines rival those found anywhere in the World. The Central Coast is located between Los Angeles and San Francisco. It includes the well known towns of Santa Barbara and San Luis Obisp Read More

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Wineries on the Central Coast

The first vineyards in California were established by Spanish fathers. You can still see grape vines at some of the California’s missions today. Here we see a vineyard stretching out toward the town of San Luis Obispo. Vineyards and wine making are a major industry on California’s Centra Read More

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Adobe Guide Travel Tour

The Rios-Caledonia Adobe is a great stopping place as you drive north or come south on highway 101. Picnic tables for a lunch and an adobe grounds to stroll through after lunch is a great thing to do. You can combine your visit with the San Miguel Mission and the local attractions of the Paso Robles Read More

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San Luis Obispo Travel Tour Guide

San Luis Obispo’s name is derived from the mission’s name. The plaza in front of the Mission and areas along the creek offer a variety of activities on weekends. San Luis Obispo has an airport, or you may choose to fly to Santa Barbara and take the air bus north to San Luis Obispo. Read More

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Pismo Beach Guide Travel Tour

The town of Pismo Beach wasestablished in 1891 in anticipation of the Southern Pacific Railroad and tourists. surfers Pismo Beach’s founder, John Price, established the town to make it a thriving business venture. Today Pismo Beach has a thriving tourist industry. The town of Pismo Beach gets Read More

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Paso Robles Travel Tour Guide

El Paso de Robles is Spanish for the “Pass of the Oaks”, (1) and one can imagine passing through the upper Salinas Valley among the oaks with deer, mountain lions, and bear roaming the area. The town of Paso Robles was first part of the lands of the Mission San Miguel. (2) After Mexico t Read More

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Morro Bay Travel Tour Guide

Morro Bay is truly a town you will wish to visit if you like small, quaint sea towns. It is a fishing harbor, and more recently has sail boats and yachts as well. One of the greatest sports is canoeing or kayaking on the bay. Its shallow waters make it ideal. The bay, also called Morro Bay, is reall Read More

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Hearst Castle Æ Travel Tour Guide

Hearst Castle Æ is one of our most visited California State Parks. It is located a few minutes north of Cambria on Highway 1. The castle, high on the mountain top, overlooks the ocean. The visitors’ center will keep you occupied until your tour bus arrives. Have your cameras ready as the bus Read More

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Cayucos, CA Guide & History

Cayucos is located on the Central Coast of California. Its first residents were the Chumash and the Aleuts. Sharon Lewis Dickerson in her guide Making the Most of San Luis Obispo Country describes Cayucos as part of an 8,845 acre land grant established in 1842, and owned by Cayucos and Moro. Dickers Read More

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